Children's Hypnotherapy (AKA Hypnotherapy for Children)

Children's Hypnotherapy. Children love stories, regardless of their age. Especially ones that allow their vivid imaginations free rein. Stories that take them to places of escape and great joy. Their imagination has no boundaries. To children it is not about thinking outside the box – there is no box in the first place.

Even if there is a box it can be a racing car, a castle for a princess, a space ship or a million other things.

Metaphors and stories form the base of Children's hypnotherapy. Children are able to accept these processes as their imaginations are designed to do so.

Many children and young adults struggle to verbalise their worries and anxieties. This is where Children's Hypnotherapy is very powerful. It provides a safe, comfortable supportive and easy way for children to let go. They can resolve their inner conflicts and move forward at their own pace.

Girl not eating need children's hypnotherapy

Benefits of Children's Hypnotherapy

There are so many benefits from hypnotherapy for children that I could not list them all. Click below to go to a list of the major benefits.

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children's hypnotherapy these 2 girls are having fun

Getting a child's consent

Yes that is correct. I need your child’s consent to the treatment! If you child feels pushed or coerced into having it, it will not work.

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Group of children singing after children's hypnotherapy

Free initial consultation

It is a friendly 30 minute chat to find out about the problem and how they want to be thinking, feeling and behaving instead.

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One of the issues I deal with Sad boy

Children's issues I help with

There are a great many issues that I work with. There is a long list to look at on the link below. Some are unique to children or teenagers.

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Working a gentle way

Children’s hypnotherapy does not have to be intrusive. Children do not always have to divulge their problems, so enjoy this form of therapy. They can use their metaphoric journey to heal without having to go through the pain of explaining it all.

I am very sensitive to their feelings. So develop engaging individual treatments to support your child. They can then resolve their thoughts, fears and worries. Without difficult conversations without causing further anxiety

I create stories specific to your child so that I can connect with them. And treat their individual requirements. It may include a particular interest they have, a favourite TV or a video character. This allows them to connect with the processes. Without even realising that we are working on things they are finding difficult or painful a short time ago

Every child must have an initial free consultation. They come and meet me and I can plan their story, (treatment). We book the first session at the end of the free consultation.

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