Benefits of Children’s Hypnotherapy

Benefits of Children’s Hypnotherapy

There are so many benefits from hypnotherapy for children that I could not list them all.

Kids can get benefits with confidence with children's hypnotherapy

Children’s hypnotherapy has many benefits like helping to kids to overcome shyness

Below are just a few:

  • It is a very safe and natural way to help children make life enhancing changes
  • The techniques apply to the whole range of childhood problems
  • Hypnotherapy for children allows children to gain resilience to the stresses of life
  • It help the child to change behaviours that have negative consequences
  • hypnotherapy helps children to function comfortably and adaptively within their environment (for instance, at home and at school)
  • Children’s hypnotherapy harnesses their natural curiosity
  • This form of hypnotherapy helps to boost creativity and imagination
  • It is empowering and builds self-esteem and confidence
  • And enables the child to feel good about themselves
  • Children can gain valuable skills that they can use for the rest of their life
  • Helps the child to develop the skills necessary to deal with difficult emotional issues they have not experienced before
  • It enables the child to achieve some level of congruence with regard to thoughts, emotions and behaviour
  • Hypnotherapy for children allow them to accept their limitations and strengths and to feel OK about them
  • And from the above to maximise their opportunities to pursue developmental milestones more normally
  • Hypnotherapy may help a child to explore their physical capabilities and limitations. They may find that they a talent for sport or realise that they are differently-abled to their peers. from this learn to not let that hinder their enjoyment of life
  • It may help a child to explore their intellectual capabilities and limitations. Find that they better in some school subjects than others and that this is OK and quite normal.
  • Some children may have an unnecessary dependence on others. Hypnotherapy can help overcome this and let go.
  • They may need to find their place in their family and wider community. To work out where they ‘fit in’.
  • It can help a child to realise that others depend on them to do the ‘right thing’

As we can see, children’s hypnotherapy does have many benefits. It helps a child to:

  • experience both success and failure
  • learn how to give and receive love
  • learn about self-discipline,
  • learn how to be self reliant
  • make decisions for them self

Research has shown that the most important way in which children develop a self-image is by relating to others. They take important messages from:

  • the way others react to them
  • treat them
  • and value them

During early child, the close family (parents and siblings) have the most powerful influence on the child’s development.

However; as the child grows into adolescence, peers, teachers and role models (e.g. sports people and celebrities) become much more significant.

Hypnotherapy for children can help to change childhood errors created during this time.