Dolly the Dolly

This story is about a doll. She is a very beautiful but old doll. (About 100 years old but still looking almost as young as the day she was made). Her name is Delores Delphinia Danbury-Dixon. Delores was a one-off made doll. There was not another doll like her. Many collectors of beautiful dolls have…

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The kind and gentle lion

Image of a kind and gentle lion

The Kind and Gentle Lion “Tell me a story,” said Jenna to her granddad. As they walked through the bush near where they lived in South Africa. “What kind of story”? he asked. Jenna replied, “One to help me always make good choices and be kind to everyone.” “Sometimes I am selfish or greedy and I…

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Compassion is a winner

girls showing compassion

Compassion is a winner This story is based on several real events rolled into one. All names are changed to protect the individual’s identities. This is one of the few in this blog that does not contain images. The bullying victim shows enormous compassion to a bully. This creates a stream of compassion that reaches…

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Dozy Dave Gets it Right

Dozy Dave Gets It Right – We are all good at something David was known as Dave the Dozy Wizard. He had been at the Merlin’s School for Magic for two years and failed Basic Magic twice already. Dave said “I can’t get my head round it”. He was about to embark on his third…

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Magical Book

Magical writing inside magical book

Read through the Magical Book metaphor first. Show your child the images if you think they may not know what a satchel or leather bound book looks like. Magical Book to keep all your life One day you are walking through a large park with a favourite person. Maybe you are walking through the park…

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Pick yourself up

Boy on bike Pick yourself up

Pick yourself up and ride your bike. This story is based on a real client situation. It can be read as is to a teenager or altered for someone younger. It may also be used as a guide for helping a child by using the information or concepts within it. It is designed to help…

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Confident Children Part 5

Image of confident children in fancy dress

Confident Children part 5 Confident children: part 5 So far in this series on we have found that parents are a major factor in developing confident children. We will pull it together and add some extra ideas in, in this final part.   What causes loss of Self-worth and Low Confidence levels? Constant Criticism – if…

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Ugly Duckling

Not an ugly duckling any more

Ugly Duckling The ugly duckling is an old folk tale that is an ‘evergreen’ story. It has several layers of story to it. It will help children of all ages to: gain self-confidence recognise things can change for the better overcome bullying understand that love is a very powerful emotion Mummy duck with her 3 eggs…

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Confident Children Part 4

Model of confident children part 4

More about Confident Children So how do we nurture our children to become confident without turning them into spoilt brats? Most kids will copy their parents, so actions speak louder than words. What will happen if you constantly shout at or disrespect your partner and other people? Your child be disrespectful to other people. Be…

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Learning to Laugh

girl dressed as clown learning to laugh

Learning to Laugh like Barry the Circus Clown Laugh easy to say but for many children it is so difficult to do. Please use this learning to laugh story when your child is feeling down and seems to have lost their ability to smile. It is designed to facilitate Learning to smile Learning to laugh…

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Confident Children – Part 3

Confident Children As your child is growing older it is even more important that you provide a positive role model for your child. We are all a product of our upbringing and early environment. We are conditioned to respond to certain situations and stimuli. In past times, and in some societies in our modern world,…

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Sharing with others

Image of a sharing king and queen

Sharing is always the better option Sharing this is metaphor will help your child understand the need for sharing. with others.  It is designed to: understand the need to share see the benefits of sharing see how conflict arises from not sharing sharpen their problem-solving abilities when sharing build the internal mental resources needed to reach…

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Confident Toddlers – Confident Kids. Part 2

Image showing Confident Toddlers playing

Confident Toddlers Confident Toddlers. The baby phase soon passes so you should try and enjoy as much of it as possible. As once a child has grown you cannot recapture this magical time. Leaving babyhood behind your child becomes a toddler. How do you know when your baby has become a toddler? There is no…

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Tickle’s Way Is Best

Cat adopting Tickle's way

Tickles Way – Independent Solutions This is an open-ended metaphor. It is designed to help your child’s ability reach a satisfactory end to it. The metaphor it has no ‘perfect’ conclusion itself. Every child should reach their own conclusion. The story can be used to help children think about several different solutions. It is designed…

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Creating Confident Kids. Part 1

Child being confident with a toy

Creating Confident Kids This is series of articles that will help you to raise a confident child. A confident child will be more resilient to life’s ups and downs. He or she is less likely to need hypnotherapy when they are more resilient to problems. Creating confident kids – nobody gets that parenting manual handed to…

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Children’s Mental Health: Part 2

Board games forbehaviour and mental health

This is part one of several giving some very basic general guidelines and information about the mental health of children. Behaviour The more common and minor behavioural disorders would include: over active kids getting into mischief playing pranks, being a bit rebellious other milder behaviour patterns. But; when these milder patterns take on a more…

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Learning to accept what we have

Image of fox accept what she has

Learning to accept what we have is a simple metaphor to help children to realise more is not always better. Please print and use for your own children or use it in a school/nursery setting Cherie the fox was feeling hungry, so she went out looking for food. She did not have to go a…

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Children’s Mental Health: Part 1

Man sitting with child for mental health

This is part one of several giving some very basic general guidelines and information about the mental health of children. To understand and provide well for the child’s optimal mental health the parent should: be able to provide unconditional love and ensure it from family members teach the child self confidence engender high self esteem standards…

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Social anxiety increases in unhealthy parent-teen relationships.

Parent shouting at girl with social anxiety

Social anxiety increases in an unhealthy parent-teen relationship. Social anxiety in teens. Positive relationships have a massive role in the emotional development of adolescents. This process begins at home. Children and adolescents take cues from their parents. Especially when it comes to friendship skills. They need a sense of belonging and connection to the family.…

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Letting go of “I can’t do it”

Blubub the octopus letting go and flying

This ‘letting go’ metaphor is to be used on children who find it difficult to go and do things on their own. Children who are always saying “I can’t go there or do that”. Some are too afraid of letting go and doing something different. Read it at bedtime or other time to suit. It…

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I love working with children

young girl in hypnotherapy I love working with children

I love working with children. Children’s hypnotherapy is great, as they have a well developed sense of imagination. They can be their favourite football star, a super hero visit a magical fairy world. In this state mind they become creative. So are receptive to positive changes and develop their own solutions to problems. When we…

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Back to school anxiety. New school anxiety

wooden tiles saying back to school anxiety

Back to school anxiety. New school anxiety. Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for children with ‘Back-to-school’ anxiety. Or ‘Going-to-big-new school’ anxiety and stress. Children under the age of 12 have creative imaginations. So usually work well in hypnosis. They find it easy to relax, go into a light trance and visualise change. They do not…

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What Children’s Hypnotherapy is About

At the time of writing this blog page I have 31 years of experience of hypnotherapy. Most of that time I have worked with children and adolescents as well as adults. Something that stuck me was the lack of knowledge in the arena of hypnotherapy for children. Most worked only with adults. Other child health…

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