Child’s Consent

Child’s Consent for Hypnotherapy is necessary

Girl screaming not giving child's consent

Getting a child’s consent is critical to successful hypnotherapy

Yes that is correct. I need your child’s consent to the treatment! If you child feels pushed or coerced into having the treatments it will not work. In this respect your child is no different to an adult.

Parents or primary care givers need to ensure that the child wants to come to the treatment sessions. Let’s look at an example. imagine you have a very annoying habit. Well everyone but you is annoyed by it. The other people ‘force’ you to see a therapist. Are you going to willingly comply? Are you going to stop something that you do not feel is a problem? A child is just the same.

There’s an adult in the room!

When a child is below the age of 12 a parent or an appropriate adult has to stay in the session with the child. A child aged over 12 can request to be alone during a treatment. I will accept this. As the child is far more likely to make changes in private. They are often inhibited by the parent in the room. especially if that parent is part of the problem.

However; in this situation the parents/care giver must provide written consent. They must bring the child into the room and wait outside during the sessions. These adults must stay there and certainly never leave the building.

Young adults, those children aged 16 or over do not need any parental consent for treatment.

There’s a Children’s Hypnotherapist in the room!

Boy is not giving his child's consent for therapy

Shouting and moaning at him to come is not child’s consent

When approaching a child about hypnotherapy they are several thing that I insist:

  • do not refer to the sessions as being medical
  • do not refer to the sessions hard work or difficult
  • do not use the words therapy or hypnotherapy
  • do talk about ‘a man who tells stories that have made lots of other kids feel better’
  • see if they would like to go an listen to some of his stories

You have got the idea. Yes?