Dolly the Dolly

This story is about a doll. She is a very beautiful but old doll. (About 100 years old but still looking almost as young as the day she was made). Her name is Delores Delphinia Danbury-Dixon. Delores was a one-off made doll. There was not another doll like her. Many collectors of beautiful dolls have tried to buy her, but she was not for sale. Delores didn’t think of herself as being special or collectable. She was plain old Dolly the dolly. (Also known as dolly Dolly and Old Dolly).

Dolly had many friends who enjoyed the tea parties that she had every week. But as the children of her current owners had grown up. And they no longer wanted to look after Dolly she was going to be sold. She was a special doll and worth a lot of money. Dolly did not understand - she had been part of the family for 100 years.

The family washed her and her old-fashioned clothes. The clothes fell to bits and she became very sad. Dolly the dolly was given new clothes - she hated them. Her face was so sad. Her owner decided to dye Dolores's hair blonde and she hated this too.

Because she looked so sad her owner pained her a new face but even that could not hide the sadness on it.

Dolly the dolly was stuffed in the boot of the car and the next thing she knew she found herself in an auction.

(You may need to explain to a child what an auction is)

Dolly the dolly didn’t understand why she was in this situation. She kept asking herself what she had done wrong and why is this happening to me? Being in the auction did not feel right. But Dolly the dolly could do to anything to stop what was happening. She did not like that feeling either.

She looked around and there were other dollies and teddies for sale. She saw a whole family of dolls that looked lost and unloved.

People came from a long way away to bid on her. But when they saw her new clothes and painted face they became upset and did not want to buy her. She was not as special anymore.

Many people started to bid on the family of dolls and they were soon sold to a family that loved them a great deal.

The auction for Delores started and only one man and one woman started to bid for her.

At the back of the room was a man who was bidding for Dolly the dolly. He looked kind and seemed to really want her to go home with him. He was quite young so probably wanted her for his own children. At the front of the room was a woman who was also bidding for Dolly. She seemed nice and kind. And was just as determined to have Dolly the dolly live with her.

The man and woman made bids against each other. The price was getting higher and higher as they were desperate to win Dolly the dolly for themselves. Dolly got more and more upset and sadder. She did not like being in the middle of the battle. She did not like not knowing who she was going to live with. She was not even asked who she would prefer to go to. She had no choice in the matter. If she di have a choice who would she choose?

Dolly the dolly shut out the bidding and began to think of other ways of sorting out the problem. She said to herself "What if the man and woman got together then I can live with both of them." She soon realised that wasn’t going to happen.

Her next idea was "Maybe I could live with man part of the time and the woman for part of the time. That way everyone will be happy."

The man and woman became more desperate in their bidding. Dolly the dolly began to think "If I fell off the shelf I would crack or break." "That should stop them fighting over me." She then thought "But if I did that, no one would be happy, especially me." "Hurting myself will not help to solve this problem it would make it worse."

Dolly began to wonder why the man and woman were so desperate for her to live with them. She realised that each of them loved her so much that they wanted her just for them self? Knowing that they both loved her and wanted her, she began to feel less sad and unhappy. It did not matter who won she would be loved. Dolly knew that she was special, loved and valued.

Whoever won the auction that day, Dolly the dolly knew she was special and loved. She decided to keep one thought in her mind and heart. "The man and woman might not agree, and not live together but they do both love me."

Whenever, Delores Delphinia Danbury-Dixon felt a bit sad about the situation she would always remember that thought. It made her feel comforted, valued, loved and reminded her of who she really was. A very loved Dolly the dolly.

Dolly the dolly
Sad Dolly the dolly

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