Free Consultation

The Free Consultation for Hypnotherapy for Children

The free consultation is different for each child. It is a friendly chat to find out about the problem/s. We then explore how they want to be thinking, feeling and behaving instead.

The focus is actually on the solution not the problem. Many children do not want to go back and discuss a problem. They do not want to analyse it to

Free consultation is available to all before treatment begins

All children will be offered a free consultation

death. They do not want to drag up the pain again. All they want to do is move on from it and live a happy life. Children's brains work so differently an adults. Trying to treat them like one is ridiculous.

It is the child's free consultation

Please understand the child is my client, not the accompanying adult. So, I will be talking mainly to the child and NOT talking about them as if they are not present. I will ask any present adult to let the child answer for them self. Please do not jump in to help them. If you do I may ignore you or ask you to be quiet.

If I need further information I usually get their permission to ask the adult a question to see what they think. This enables their reassurance that they are the most important person in the room. And their opinion matters to me.

Remember that a child has to consent to any hypnotherapy treatment. If they are being coerced into the treatment I will not see them.

No charge is made for this 30 minute consultation. And there is no obligation to book an appointment. By the same token I may refuse to work with your child if I believe that hypnotherapy is not right for them. But if I refuse to see your child because they do not want to be there. As in; not given their consent I will charge you £30 for the consultation.

I am sorry to do this but I have had days when most of the children brought to see me do not want to be there. And there is no chance that the treatment will work. This consultation is free to you but is actually costing me money as I could be seeing a fee paying client.

If you and your child are not able to attend please let me know ASAP so I can allocate the place to someone else.

I have a DSB, for working with children, the elderly and other vulnerable groups. Enhanced Certificate No. 001562688832.