I love working with children

I love working with children. Children's hypnotherapy is great, as they have a well developed sense of imagination. They can be their favourite football star, a super hero visit a magical fairy world. In this state mind they become creative. So are receptive to positive changes and develop their own solutions to problems.

When we first meet we will talk about how things are now. How long they have been this way. Then how they want to think, feel and behave in the future. I ask children about the things they already have which they can use get over the problem. I will find out about their interests. I love working with children as they do not overthink their problems. Adults do but kids do not.

Usually children from ten upwards are happy to close their eyes and relax. Then enjoy a guided daydream, permitting them to find solutions in their imagination. All sessions include general and specific positive techniques. These will increase confidence and self-esteem to work on the problem they are seeing me for?

Some young children are reluctant to close their eyes. These kids don't relax as much either. So standard hypnotherapy for children is not the best option. But due to how their mind works they can see, feel and hear things clearly in their imagination. In this state you can ask a child to see their problem. Then give it a shape, a colour, talk to it, shrink it and change it! And they do. I love working with children because of this.

Children spend a lot their lives in their imagination. So when I work with them I get them to use their imagination in a positive way. This helps them to overcome their problems.

Treatment varies with the age of the child and the actual problem worked on. But will always involve metaphors and guided imagery stories. So that the child can see, sense and feel overcoming their problem. They will know they can respond in a way which is right for them.

If you would like to discuss your child and how I can help, then I look forward to hearing from you.

young girl in hypnotherapy I love working with children

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