Learning to accept what we have

Learning to accept what we have is a simple metaphor to help children to realise more is not always better. Please print and use for your own children or use it in a school/nursery setting

Cherie the fox was feeling hungry, so she went out looking for food. She did not have to go a long way before he found a large dormouse sleeping under a shady bush.

"Wow, that is good luck" thought Cherie the fox.

"What an easy catch. A tasty dormouse dinner just lying there waiting for me". "That will make a delicious starter for me".

Cherie was creeping up on the dormouse and thinking about gobbling it up. This is when she spotted a rabbit hopping along nearby. When she saw the rabbit, Cherie forgot about her easy snack. She became obsessed with catching the rabbit and greedily said, "It is bigger and much tastier than a mouse". The greedy fox thought "When I catch it, I will have enough food for the whole day".

Cherie darted after the surprised rabbit who bounded into some trees. But the greedy fox was faster and was closing in on the rabbit. But she slowed down before she got to the rabbit. "That was a close shave" thought the rabbit as he scurried down his burrow

Cherie had seen a deer grazing on some leafy bushes nearby. When the little deer saw Cherie it was startled and ran as fast as it could away from the greedy fox. Cherie was a greedy fox. Her greedily eyes set on the deer, she gave chase. Cherie was feeling a bit tired after chasing the rabbit, but she thought she could catch the deer.

"What luck", first I found a dormouse, but a rabbit is bigger and better." "But now I have a deer it is bigger and better than a rabbit". When I catch the deer I have food for a week" "And better still no more running about to catch my dinner".

She had put so much effort into chasing the rabbit that she was running out of energy. Cherie began to slow and fall behind the fresh and fast deer, so she stopped running. It was then that Cherie saw a horse. Even though she was very tired Cherie decided she was going to catch and eat the horse. She knew the horse was big and would be very fast but it didn’t stop the greedy fox from attacking the horse.

All that was on Cherie's mind was "How lucky am I?". "When I catch the horse I will eat for months and do no more hunting in all that time". "I can be a lazy fox".

The horse just stood there. It was somewhat surprised that a little fox would even try to attack it. The horse flicked out a hoof, it would have killed the greedy fox if he had aimed it to hit her. Cherie suddenly decided she was biting off more than she could chew. So the greedy fox said to herself, "Hmmmm, I will go back for the deer". When she got back to where she left the deer it had vanished into the forest ages ago.

Cherie was a little disappointed and thought "I have to accept it is going to be rabbit today". By the time she got back to the trees rabbit had long gone down his burrow and was fast asleep knowing he was safe.

"Oh well, it has to be dormouse for dinner". When Cherie got to the tree she was filled with disappointment. All the noise of her chasing the rabbit, deer, and horse had woke the dormouse up. It was nowhere to be seen.

The greedy fox thought to herself, " I am so silly and greedy". "Why didn’t I take the opportunity that was right in front of me." I need to accept things instead chasing something I thought was better".

Cherie was sad and quite annoyed with herself for being too greedy. But she had to accept it was all her own fault. She was very tired so lied down and felt her empty tummy rumbling with hunger.

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Image of fox accept what she has
Learning to accept what we have. The greedy fox Cherie loses out.

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