Magical Book

Read through the Magical Book metaphor first. Show your child the images if you think they may not know what a satchel or leather bound book looks like.

Magical Book to keep all your life

One day you are walking through a large park with a favourite person. Maybe you are walking through the park to go somewhere else. Or maybe to the swings and other activities on the other side of the park.

But as you walk along the park starts to change. This does not bother you. In fact it is quite a nice feeling. The park becomes very quiet, peaceful and has a feeling of love in it. It is almost a tingly magical feeling. The ground feels soft and as you walk your feet make the ground release a smell that you like a lot. The smell is nice and makes you feel even better. You get a sense that something good is going to happen.

Then you notice that the park seems to be larger and you find this nice in an odd sort of way. As if the more you are here the better it will become and the better you will feel.

About 50 metres away you can see an old person walking a little bit bent over. You wonder why they are walking like that. Then you realise they have an old leather school satchel on their back. You may not know what an old school satchel looks like. So there a couple of images to show you a new one and what an old one looks like. The old person had a really old one on their back.

As they get closer to you, you can see they have a very kind face. They wave wrinkly crinkly eyes that have a dreamy quality. When you get to the side of them they smile with the most wonderful smile you have ever seen. The old person stops and motions with their hand for you to help take the heavy satchel off their back. You do and it is heavy. So heavy that you need to put it down straight away. The old person motions for you to open the satchel and take out the large leather magical book hat is inside.

The magical book is brown and got brass studs and corners to protect it. When you open it the pages are thick and made from a very old type of paper. The book is not printed but full of hand writing in black and red. It is impossible for you to read it. The writing is in magic language. You look at the old person and think why are they showing me something written in magical language? They begin to giggle kindly as they know what you are thinking.

They motion for you to turn a few pages more of the magical book and you come to an empty page that the old person motions for you to tear out. You know you have been told not to rip pages out of books but this feels right to do so. And you have been told to do it. The page has a few stains on it - well it old.

As you look at the page it starts to fill with positive, powerful, strong words that mean great deal to you. Some images appear with you being able to do what it is that you want. The words and images are having an incredibly positive effect on you. They are making you change.

The old person waves at you to catch your attention. And motions for you to fold the page. You do. Each time you fold it, it stays one page thickness. So you can fold it many times so that it becomes the size if a postage stamp.

The old person motions for you to put that piece of paper next to your heart. And as you do all the power of the words and images on that postage stamp are pulled into your heart for ever.

They are locked and fixed into you forever. You can use this magical knowledge from now on. For ever and a day you can feel like this all the time. All you have to do is remember the postage stamp and feel it enter your heart.

You watch in amazement as the magical book puts itself back into the satchel. Then the satchel jumps up onto the old person's back. But now it is light and the old person smiles at you one last time. Then flies off in the blink of an eye to Fairy Land.

school satchel with hidden magical book
New school satchel
school satchel with magical book inside
Really old school satchel
leather magical book
Old studded magical book
Magical writing inside magical book
Looking inside the magical book
Image of empty page in magical book
Blank page from magical book

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