What Children’s Hypnotherapy is About

At the time of writing this blog page I have 31 years of experience of hypnotherapy. Most of that time I have worked with children and adolescents as well as adults.

Something that stuck me was the lack of knowledge in the arena of hypnotherapy for children. Most worked only with adults. Other child health professionals though little of hypnosis or hypnotherapy. Many believed that children could not be hypnotised. So; hypnotherapy was not an appropriate treatment to use on kids.

When I asked them to provide evidence to back up their claims it never came forth. I was usually brushed off with "Well it's obvious. Isn't it"

I am now happy to say that children's hypnotherapy is becoming mainstream.

But, there is very little credible training available. Most are merely a few videos to watch on line or a one day CPD workshop. There are some good books out there. But a book is not as good as serious face-to-face training.

That is why I created the Children's Hypnotherapy Programme. To train qualified hypnotherapists in this very specialist area of hypnotherapy.

Children differ hugely from adults as they are growing fast in mind and body. Their emotions are growing and rewriting as they mature. Their understanding of situations may be very simplistic. Sometimes the line between reality and an imagined scenario is almost non-existent.

The way a child of 7 processes an event is very different to a 12 year old and a 17 year old. So the methods of treatment need adjusting to fit the child's developmental stage.

Younger kids are not able to analyse and contemplate a problem like an adolescent. So there is no point in doing it. I know of people who are using analytical techniques designed for adults on kids!

Make sure your hypnotherapist is qualified to work with children.

Free consultation is available to all before treatment begins

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