Back to school anxiety. New school anxiety

wooden tiles saying back to school anxiety

Back to school anxiety. New school anxiety. Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for children with 'Back-to-school' anxiety. Or 'Going-to-big-new school' anxiety and stress. Children under the age of 12 have creative imaginations. So usually work well in hypnosis. They find it easy to relax, go into a light trance and visualise change. They do not only visualise it they feel and live the changes.

It works just as well for older children with back to school anxiety. The only difference is in the techniques I use.

Hypnotherapy helps your child’s to release their negative thoughts and feelings. The ones associated with returning to or starting a new school. Although it may be useful to know the root cause of the anxiety we do not dwell on it. Children are far better at moving away from a problem than many adults. Analysing it can actually hold your child back or even increase their anxiety.

Many children find it difficult to express their feelings and emotions. So why try to force them to do so analysing a problem? My style of Children's Hypnotherapy is phenomenal at getting past this barrier. You child knows the thought they do not like - I do not actually need to know them! Neither do you.

Using Children's Hypnotherapy their issues change, to the way they need to do it. Your child will, in a calm and relaxed way, make self-created changes in a way that is right for them.

Children have open, creative minds and vivid imaginations. So they find it easy to go into a hypnotic trance. Once there, their own mind provides the answer that is perfect for them.

Within the sessions we create an anchor to being calm and relaxed. This is then transferred to the non-hypnotic world. When your child applies this anchor it will aid concentration and focus in lessons. They can also use it to release other stresses associated that being a child causes.

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